Choose to Rise Above

This is for all those who would like to transcend or rise above a negative label that seems to hold you down. YOU have the ability to overpower and even erase those stigmas that come with those labels.  

Oftentimes, these labels are self-imposed or unjustly given to you by others.  Other labels might be rightly deserved because of choices or actions that you’ve made.  But no matter where the label came from, you can make a conscious choice and not be that label.

Fluffy Clouds

no one has the right

to put you in a box and label you.

no one is allowed to use their words

to define who you are.

no one has that many words

and no one has that power.

you are so much more

than anyone's limitations and definitions.

you are not ever meant

for any of the boxes placed before you.

you transcend always

to higher and higher clouds.



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