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The life I knew was over. Because of choices I made, my life would forever change. One recurring thought that saved me during these darkest of times was that something good had to come from this.

As I've slowly rebuilt my life, I realized I survived many difficult situations because I chose not to be what others perceived me as. I was surrounded by others who accepted their label(s). I saw others who act in certain ways because that's what expected of them. I heard one man say, "This is who we are..."

I'm grateful I had the strength to rise above that label and not become "one of them."

I've seen others give up and see no future for themselves because they'd rather let their label determine their destiny.

So I'll go back to where I started. Something good has to come from this. This blog, I hope, is something good. I hope my experiences will help others to transcend those negative labels others have placed upon them and rise to greater heights. If all goes well, many of you might contribute to this forum as we inspire others to, DON'T BE A LABEL.

I believe we're all in this together. The more we can help one another, the more self-worth we can develop. In turn, we'll find the strength to become someone better than others think we're capable of being.

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