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Your Mind is a Vacuum

I'm not a scientist, nor have I ever played one on TV. But, the concept is fairly easy to comprehend. I'll do my best to explain.

Every space out there, and this includes your brain, must contain something. Even if it's just air, that space needs to be occupied. If you pour water out of a pitcher, that space is replaced by air. If you remove air from a thin plastic container, you notice the sides begin to collapse because you are creating a vacuum inside that space. That space wants to be occupied so the exterior air pressure pushes in on the plastic walls because there is empty space to fill.

A household vacuum works because the machine is constantly creating an empty space by moving air out thus allowing new air to takes it's place and this creates the suction of your vacuum.

In short, all space needs to be occupied with something. We aren't talking about outer space today.

Your brain works the same way. It want's to be full of something. It wants to be processing something. While awake, you can never turn your brain off. It's always thinking about something.

What does this have to do with negative labels we put on ourselves or by others? I'm glad you asked.

We hear these labels and it puts our minds to work. We process all these negative thoughts and fill our minds with hopelessness.

If you believe in these labels and let them bring you down, they will. But, if you begin to shrug them off and force them out of you head, because your mind is a vacuum, something will need to replace that space. Find positive uplifting thoughts to fill your mind.

It's a choice. You can keep letting those negative labels and the associated thoughts hold you back. Or, you can choose to get rid of them and let new positive thoughts take their place.

In my last post I wrote how you mind controls who you are. Well, it starts by putting the right thoughts in there.

Conversely, if you loose any positive thoughts, negative ways of thinking will find a much easier way into your brain.

In my darkest of times, it was so very easy to let my mind fill with thoughts of despair and even destruction. However, I made the choice to make something positive of this negative label thrown upon me. Even with this label, I was going to become a positive influence for good. It wasn't easy. I surrounded myself with people who motivated me to stay on course. When I wanted to give up, they wouldn't let me. Soon, I was able to walk on my own and move forward with less and less help.

There are people and other resources out there waiting for you. Whether it's friends or family, books, podcasts, or professionals, there is help out there for those who want to change.

It is possible, but it begins with you.

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